#MidSizeStyle Shorts Shopping

It's summer & I don't particularly love shorts.
But, it's Indiana & it gets gross humid. & I am just not that girl that hates body so much I am going to sweat in jeans in 90 degree heat. 
So I have to wear them.

As I started shopping I had ordered some online from pictures & other fashion bloggers that were so super cute. But..once they arrived, they looked not even close to as cute on me. 

If you're not familiar the term "mid-size" (not the SUV lol) or "in betweenie" it's what women my size call themselves. Not quite "conventional" sizing but not quite plus-size either as it's too big. Which makes shopping sometimes difficult! For reference I am currently a size 10.

I set off today to go find some shorts & am taking you along with what I find best for that body type! Today I am just adding one Express & the rest is from Target. Tomorrow, I will update this with my Old Navy & possibly another store finds! I also linked plus size for every item where it was available!

Here we go!


First up, I am dubbing these the best "mom" shorts of the year! They run a touch big! In the photo I am wearing a XL, & I have well over 2 inches pinned in the back! & they have pockets! ;)   Shop This Full Look HERE

These are another pair that has that kind of cinched waist that is very flattering! This is a fun color to pop too! I felt as though these ran a little big as well, I am in a large here & had more than plenty of room. They are super strechy..but still fit great. If I would have gone to a medium I think I wouldn't of like the length as much.
Shop This Full Look HERE

These are a great mid length, high waisted short that isn't a unflattering Bermuda short! I love the slight distressing!                                                                                                                             Shop This Full Look HERE

These were a no go for me, but for someone that doesn't have OCD about the stripes lining up these would be so cute! I would def size up as I felt it hugged me a little too tight in the stomach area!
High Rise Frayed Hem Short
These ran, I felt a little bit snug! If you like a shorter hem, these are for you! & they are like $13!

Shop This Full Look HERE

Secret Slim Pockets Shorts
If you haven't gotten a pair of these jean, you are missing out! When I saw that they were making them now in shorts I was thrilled! Love everything about these!Shop This Full Look HERE

Secret Slim Pockets with Button Front
Again these have the slim pockets with the button front! These suck you in, in all the best places! Shop This Full Look HERE

Shop This Full Look HERE

Boyfriend Jean Shorts
These are SO comfy! They didn't have my size, so I went a size up. I think these still look great that I got them, but I ordered my size online to try just to see if they hug me a little better for my shape! Shop This Full Look HERE

Linen Shorts
These are another shorts that is just great to look put together but so comfy! These feel like PJ shorts too! I am in a XL here, & love the length. They didn't have any larges to try, so I really cinched them hard pulling to back & decided I would just do that so I wouldn't lose any length!

That's it! Let me know if any if these works for you! & Let me know if you guys enjoyed this post! I am not fashion blogger, & have no plans to be..but I can do these every so often as I've gotten alot of great feedback about this post! Let me know what you would like me to do next!

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