Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

Okay so I am about a month in having an air fryer, & I am just so obsessed.
I saw a thing for grilled cheese in it, & thought how could be it any better than the traditional grilled cheese in a skillet.
But, let me just is. & It soooo much better!

What you need:

Cheese of your choice
Air Fryer


The trick to the best grilled cheese is using very little butter on the bread.

Since you are making this in the air fryer, I used two toothpick to tack down the two side so it isn't curl in!

Set your fryer to 350 degrees, & put in your sandwich was 4 mins, make sure you flip over your sandwich half way through to get both sides crispy!

& enjoy! The girls love theirs with tomato soup!
I am telling you, the bread, mixed with how creamy the cheese gets in the jusssst different enough for me to only have grilled cheese this way from now on!