Our summer has been pretty laid back this year. Its been wonderful. But until nationals is over, dance is still a almost every day thing. & since it is, somehow strawberry season came & went without me even realizing it. I went to go to our usual place; & everyone was done for the season. 

I asked my friends on facebook, & we found a place. It was a little bit more of a drive than I was hoping but it was SO worth it. The grounds were amazing, the family was nice I wanted to take them home & it was the perfect weather.

We ended up with around, 9 lbs of strawberries!
The girls will easily eat all 9 lbs of them. ha!
But they can go bad rather quickly, so I love making strawberry jam!
I don't really have the time to jar things, but freezer jam I can do!
Its super simple, & quick! & I love the idea of this jam being made by us with no outside dyes ect.
& holy heck is it delicious!!

freezer jam

Strawberry Freezer Jam

yields 4 half pints

2 quarts fresh strawberries {about 3 1/3 cups when mashed{
1 1/3 cup sugar
4 tbsp Ball RealFruit Instant Pectin

First, wash your berries. Then, you want to mash up your Strawberries. You can either do this with something like a potato masher for a chunkier jam or in the blender for a smoother jam.

Second, you mix the sugar & pectin in a seperate bowl. Then, add to the strawberry mixture.
Then, you mix them all together for about 3 minutes. I have the girls take turns because I have a small attention span & get bored! LOL

Third, You ladle them into your jars! Make sure you leave some room at the top!

I let mine stand for about 15-30 minutes with out the lids on before I get settled before I freeze!
& there you have it!
I told you so simple!!

freezer jam

Here are some questions I got on my Instagram today!

How long does freezer jam keep?

In the freezer jam can be kept up to a year! When its in the fridge, it keeps about 4-6 weeks!

What do you store them in?

I use just a glass ball jar, but you can use any freezer safe container!

Do you have to use strawberries freshly picked?

No! I like picking them mostly because of the experience, & it is cheaper {in my experience} to pick & pay per pound at a farm rather than the store. But, you can use store bought & get the same result! Just make sure they are ripe!