Another fun themed family movie night!
With the release of Incredibles 2, on June 15th I decided the first Incredibles would be the perfect movie for our movie night this weekend!

I was a little low on creativity this one, but we still loved it!

 First off, Pizza! We generally always make homemade pizza on movie night. But I can never get it in a perfect circle so bought some pre made pizza doughs this time & used the toppings to make the "I" icon for The Incredibles! It turned out pefect!

Disney Incredible Pizza
 The grocery had these Juicy Juice, juice boxes & they were perfect!! I was afraid the icon would get all messed up after it was cooked, but look!! How perfect right?!

 I also made masks out of felt for the girls to wear! Use the template HERE

I also attempted to make this fruit platter I saw on Pintrest.. obvi was a huge fail! HA!

 & there you have it, for a simple Incredible Movie night!!