Elf on the Shelf Welcome Breakfast

Like most of you I am gearing up for December, which means our Elf is about to embark on its journey to our house. I started racking my brain & the internet for new ideas for our welcome breakfast when it occurred to me that maybe ya'll were too. Then I remembered I never blogged our breakfast..I think the last two years! So I am going to go ahead and share our breakfast from 2016

This was actually my favorite breakfast! It was pretty simple & so freaking cute!

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elf on the shelf breakfast, elf on the shelf welcome breakfast, elf welcome breakfast, elf on the shelf northpole breakfast

The pancakes we just added green food coloring & made various pancake sizes and stacked them on top of one another to make the "tree" then topped it with a gum drop!

The cinnamon rolls, we just added candy eyes & the antlers are pretzels!

  I put their syrup in little bottles which they thought was the coolest thing! It helped with syrup control & was so cute! Plus, don't act like you don't love the little bottles from Cracker Barrel too!