1. Plan your route ahead of time
I try not to go to too many streets away from home. We live in the midwest so most the time its pretty chilly out, & if you dont have a stroller/wagon or if like here they are "big girls" and want to walk; those little legs can get tired pretty fast! Also, you don't want to get too far from home & in the dark, & decorated houses get lost with cranky cold toddlers!

2. Comfy shoes
As much as those adorable dress up plastic shoes are on the girls, they arent practical for walking about! Nice comfortable shoes are great!

Have one. As much as YOU as a parent would think about yourself driving around on Halloween, there are just as many people that aren't even thinking about those little ones. It takes even the most cautious parent for a kid to see something exciting across the stress & dart! Glowstick necklaces are great too! I've seen some parent put a strip of reflective tape on their kids costume, which is pretty genius!

4. Be careful with masks
It can be hard to see & breathe in some of those things. If your child is having trouble with it at home, ex the mask all together & find some non-toxic paint to paint it on your kids face!

5. Prop weapons
I'd like for all those prop weapons to be flexible & plastic but it just not the case with some costumes. Make your child knows it not to hurt people or to play hurting people. If i had a dollar for every time I saw a child get hurt  last year from a little child  or hurt himself with a sword or numb chucks I would have enough money to buy a few extra bags of candy for myself ;)

6. Check that candy
& by check i mean steal all your favorites claiming your checking to make sure they taste ok ;)
No in all seriousness I can't believe we still have to do this but we do. Make sure you throw away any candy not in its original wrapper or any wrappers that look as though they have been opened!

Take pictures, enjoy the moments & wonder of "OH MY GOSH CANDY" in your childs eyes or when they see their favorite character walking down the street!