I really love every season, I think summer I get sick of relatively quickly. I get over the heat mostly.
Christmas is really my favorite, but fall takes a very close 2nd!

Here is why:

1. Scents
Mostly fall scented candles! Pumpkin spice, spiced smelling anything pretty much everything in the candle isle with an apple, pumpkin or leaves on it I love & have 10 of.

2. Wardrobe
The leggings, the hoodies, uggs {yes i love them, judge me}, jeans, scarves. I love it all! 

3. Family Fun
I LOVE all the activities there is to do with my family during this season. Pumpkins & mazes & hayrides! I feel like there isn't enough weekends to get all that we want to do! Locally we have fairs & festivals not to mention apple picking & pumpkin patches! It just a season of making great memories, there is always a reason for family to get together!

4. Cozy
The coziness of the season. We always have a couple good heavy quilts ready in the living room with a fire going. We are HUGE fireplace people. We have a wood burning fireplace & generally have one going every day thru fall & winter! 

5. Drinks
I only drink iced coffee in the spring/summer. But just as soon as there is slight chill in the morning I bring back out my coffee pot. Having a mug every morning waiting for the girls to wake up is just the best. Apple cider that has been simmered in mulling spices is also a huge favorite in the house, besides with Brandon. & it makes the house smell great!

Apple pies, pumpkin pie, pumpkin roll, apple crisp! YUM!

7. Its almost Christmas
have you seen this meme? I am the Will Ferrell! Whenever walmart {pretty much the only store near me} put out decoration in the back we have to go back there, every.single.visit. We look at the little villages & listening to music. Look at all the ornaments & trees! I still wait til after Thanksgiving {the sunday after we get our tree} but just looking at it all gets me SO happy. Although I wait til after thanksgiving for decor, please know i've always have been listening to Christmas music for QUITE some time before then!

Do you love fall? Or what is your favorite season? What your favorite part?