Ok so she doesnt.
But the title got your attention right?!
If my title had been my two year old still breastfeeds I think, half you would have been more pleased than to see it replaced with a bottle, correct?

Well I am here to tell you my two year old DID drink out of a bottle.
Put your pitchforks away.

We had full intention in taking away her bottle when she turned one.
I mean that what everyone says, so naturally; it would just come that easy that we would do that.
We got her some what weaned, but then I went thru all the preterm labor & was in & out of the hospital & she totally regressed; it was her "comfort".

It also helped her acid reflux a night, sucking on a bottle of milk always helped. She wouldnt fall asleep with the bottle in her mouth, she would actually drink the thing down then throw it across the room when she was done & was fast asleep. Which is the only time she would have it after she turned one with exception of a ocassional nap.

I know your gonna come at me with some orthodontic mo-bo-jum-bo but my girl looked at her bottle like a BF'd baby looks at nursing. She was doing it for comfort.
We dont {normally} force a BF baby to give up nursing the day after the babe turns 1. Yes, there is more benefits, but the baby is seeing it as one thing: comfort. Just like bottle was for my girl.

If I had a penny for every side look I got when saying Kennedy got a bottle at night, lordy; I would be rich. "really?" "still?" YES & YES.

The night before she turned two, we gave her a bottle to fall asleep & told her, this is your last "baba", after this you wont get one ever again. She said ok, baba go bye bye.
& our bottle relationship was over from that day forward.

Why am I posting this?
I recently saw a momma get the wrath for this, yall when your baby is ready taking away baba or paci will be easy. When you get past a certain age I do thing more intervention is needed. But for the most part? Trust your instincts  my number one go to for all momma advice. I knew she was fine, her teeth werent rotting out of her head, she doesnt have a crazy over bite, my girl went thru a huge transition with a new baby in her life all the while still being a baby herself.

Don't fret, it will happen..
Don't let those evil looks & glares get ya.
When your babies ready, it'll happen :)