I hate that I haven't updated!
I am so sick, not to the extent as past pregnancies but its up there
Friday night I started up bleeding again..& like ew gross glup thing
I was terrified.
Dr said if i went thru one pad in an hour to go to the ER ASAP.
well i didn't but i did notice the more active i was/on my feet the more blood I would have
so he told me to stay off my feet.. yeah I had a wedding the next day not possible.
& being the photographer I was on my feet around 12 hours that day
& the next day we had a birthday party & a session
I has nervous since my nauseousness was dwindled down to like nothing
I was afraid that on Friday that was more than just "over doing it"
but here i am today puking 4 times a hour
litterly so weak
brandon tried to get me out of the house & took me to lunch & walmart
he ended up having to carry me inside the house when we were done
so here i sit; trying to get discs burned & blog a little.
I have a destination wedding this weekend in Tennessee
the bride & groom are paying for not only me but the hubs & kennedy too!
gas,food & lodging plus my wedding fee
so i really want to feel better by then!
my mom offered to keep kennedy which would be super helpful
but that long away from me is freaking me out.
never ever been more than 24 hours away from here..
we will see!
hopefully my next post will be less sick-y! :(