Today I got the mail; look through, but nothing was for me. Had had gotten in on the way to work & put it on seat next to me. After a terrible terrible day of work of physical pain & thinking entirely to much, I was on my way home and on the verge of a emotional breakdown when in the mist of all of the mail, there was a small envelope addressed me to me! I knew as soon as I saw it I knew what it was. And sure enough I open the card that says : "Tara- I hope this provides you with some comfort you need. I loved making it and being a part of your babies lives. They are special spirits! Best of luck in your journey! Love, Courtney" inside was what i thought was a bracelet but a necklace with both of my angels birthstones the necklace lays just above my heart. Perfect.

For those who are not following "Baby Hungry" Courtney offered to make bracelets or lost babies token with birthstones of losses for women to help remember them & for some comfort. I can not thank her enough for my gift. I means so so much & came at just the right time. I know have a daily reminder of my angels.

this picture is awful because it was taken with my cellphone, and my camera was dead. So bare with me with the quality.  Here is the card (didnt she make it so so cute??) & my amazing necklace. Again, thank you so so much you are more wonderful than you know, & many blessing are being sent your way.