Easter Baskets

There are so many options for Easter baskets anymore. Traditional wicker, plastic, plush buckets & I even see lots of fun nonconventional Easter baskets like pools, sand buckets etc. Whatever you choose, here are some ideas if you are looking!

For us, we decided to invest in a good quality basket (THIS ONE)after having to replace the classic white basket every year, because it would break & was horrible quality the first few years of the girls' lives. Now, each kiddo has a basket that will last every Easter. I also feel like a white basket never goes out of style, & there is lots of options for liners if you want to switch it up! I feel like though it was more pricey up front, we are going to save in the long run! I think the girls have had theirs for about 5-6 years or more and even if we were to of bought a $10 basket every year we would have already saved money with lots of Easters left to go!

I hope this list helps you find the right baskets for you!