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6 Ways to Style Your Bedside Tables 

As I have gotten older & as a parent, the master bedroom has become a place of rest & solace. I love making it cozy and functional. 

Bedside tables are tricky to style because they have to be functioning for everyday use! Here are my top 6 tips on how to style bedside tables that marry functionality and style!

1. Stylish Lighting 
Start with the basics, lighting. Lamp or sconce choose something stylish. You have to have light, so have it make a statement. With lamps you can even go trendy because it’s easily changed out. This lamp has trendy gold and timeless glass!

2. Flowers
Hear me out here, fresh to fake I am telling you when you wake up in the morning and get a view of flowers is going go make you smile </div><div style=" text-align:="">

3. Tray of Essentials
Everyone has things they need next to their bed. Lotion, a remote, reading glasses?  Keep them corralled on a stylish tray to keep things together and it looks nice and organized. 

4. Function meets Beauty
These keepsake boxes are gourg and house my most used jewelry. If you need to store something such a jewelry or sunglasses use something like these boxes. Need to store something no as pleasing to the eye? These other boxes are still beautiful but you’re not able to see the contents. 

5. Scent
A good scented candle or oil diffuser makes any space and can make anyone feel relaxed! 

6. Personalize 
Keep family, kids or pet photos near or on your tabletop. They personalize your space and bring love and warmth whenever you look at them!  These frames on my wall are statement on their own, I love a large matte!

It easy to make your bedside tables look great but work for daily use! I hope these tips helped you get your space looking great!