Hospital Bag Must Haves | Hospital Bag for Mom

Hospital Bag Must Haves | Hospital Bag for Mom

Even though it has been 8 years since I've needed to pack a hospital bag for mom and baby, I've been on both sides of the fence with my past two. With Kennedy, my oldest, I over-packed & with Kensley my water broke 6 weeks early and I didn't have a hospital bag packed at all. So I am going into this with my hospital bag list knowing just what I need/want to have with me.

Let me also say, the hospital has everything you need for you & baby. All of this is just extra fluff to provide a little bit of comfort & not needed at all.

Hospital Bag Must Haves | Hospital Bag for Mom

1. Bag
A big bag is a great idea, so you or your partner isn't carrying 500 different bags full of stuff. I absolutely fell in love with this bag. I am not sure if I'll ever use it again, but I couldn't resist. The entire labor & delivery team couldn't stop talking about it! It is so cute & HUGE.

2. Boppy
This boppy is a must-have for in the hospital. It can help with breastfeeding positions & if you have anyone visiting it can help with holding baby and supporting their arms. Especially great for young ones!

3. Comfy Jammies & Robe
You don't need anything fancy here. I wanted something matching purely for photos, so if that is something that you are going to want, I would plan for! They have such cute sets that even come with a matching swaddling cloth for the baby, perfect for photos. I choose these jammies that weren't even maternity that I could wear after I get home.

4. Extra Long Phone Charger
Plugins are always in such odd areas in the hospital, extra-long cords are a must for your partner & yourself for when you're in bed. Gotta keep the phone charged for photos & keeping family & friends updated.
Hospital Bag Must Haves | Hospital Bag for Mom

5. Mirror
This won't be for everyone but I brought a mirror to do my hair & makeup. I feel better with makeup on & I wanted photos where I would feel more confident. This mirror was small to fit in my bag easily & lit up! It was perfect.

6. Swaddles
I brought a few swaddles for him. For photos & to just have. I constantly am using swaddles at any given time with all of my babies. I love these muslin ones.

7. Pacifiers
This is another that will vary per person. My babies never got nipple confusion & I had no issues with introducing a paci. I brought a couple in case he didn't like one or the other.

8. Slippers
These are great for walking around. You want to make sure you have something with a hard bottom not soft. 

9. Going Home Outfit
If you are wanting to get something special for baby make sure you order it in enough time. Also, think about yourself & what you are going to want to come home in! I got this super comfy set & so glad I did.

10. Cosmetics & Toiletries
Makeup is optional, of course. I for one didn't want to be doing a whole skincare routine in the hospital but know some might. I would for sure bring face wipes & makeup remover wipes, super simple & gets the job done. They will come in handy. I brought dry shampoo, lotion, this lip mask because for whatever reason your lips get super dry during labor, hairbrush & of course toothbrush & toothpaste.

11. Tripod + Camera
Can't forget your camera! Make sure it's charged & have memory cards. If you don't have a camera make sure your photo storage is cleared out so you have lots of space! I like to back up my photos onto google photos to make sure I have lots of room! Since this birth was during Covid, we weren't able to have a birth photographer as we did with our other two & I really wanted to make sure we got photos with both of us in them. This tripod worked great with my phone!

12. Hats
They put the traditional pink & blue striped hat on baby, but you may want some from home. I feel like everyone I talked to wish they would have brought more hats, they keep them nice & warm. I loved these for Bo.

13. Nursing Tanks + Bras
I lived in just a nursing tank in the hospital. You are nursing so much, & it makes it so easy & comfy. Comfy nursing bras are great as well when wearing pajamas & what I wore during labor. I love these ones that came in a pack of 3.

There is everything I packed, & I used every single thing! Hope this helps you in packing your hospital bag for your delivery!

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