First & Second Trimester Must-Haves

Good morning! I am jumping on today to write this post about my must-haves through my first and second trimester. This is my 10th pregnancy & not all made it to the second trimester and I've only had 2 live birth, but I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on things that make these first two trimesters go a little better.

Sometimes I would feel guilty about complaining about the woes that came with pregnancy. So many times I would just cry wishing I was feeling sick or the aches that come along with it & felt like if I felt anything less than so happy I somehow wasn't grateful for this pregnancy.
If you ever are in that boat, STOP. Yes, pregnancy is so incredibly beautiful. & whether your journey was easy or hard like ours, sometimes it just plain sucks.
End of story.

The aches pains, sickness, heartburn, acid reflux are NOT fun, & going a human inside of you IS a miracle, but it's not all rainbows & sunshine, it isn't all happy and glowy!

So, here are some things that helped me!

- This pregnancy pillow. I don't know if pregnancy pillow stock has gone down in 8 years but I was thrilled to find a pillow this pregnancy for under $100! This was on sale & had a coupon, which every time I have checked is always available, making this super affordable & truly a dream to sleep with some support & comfort!
- Nausea Relief. These candies are kinda sour but in the best way. They really help curve nausea. I used these will every one of my pregnancies. Brandon also picked up these mama wrist bands for me one day at the store. I am unsure if it really works or not. I never used them alone. But others swear by them. & it's a great non medicated alternative.
- Wide waistband pants. These pants aren't maternity but I have now been wearing them into my Tthird trimester & they still fit great. The band is so comfy & I like they feel like leggings but aren't super tight like leggings. Bonus, they are super cute!

- Books. You will probably be spending a lot of time lounging. Good books are a must for me. This Belly Laughs book I get for every friend that is a first-time mom. It is a real, raw & hilarious book about pregnancy. Think like of it as a real take on the what to expect book. You must order!

- Smoothie Tums. The acid reflux is REAL. Normal tums taste like chalk to me. These smoothie ones are thin & not chalky, I prefer the all berry flavor as they taste better. Keep them on my end table now. Even if you don't have acid reflux yet, you most likely will, & you're going to want to have them on hand when it strikes!

- Stretch Mark oil. The word is whether you get stretch marks or not is hereditary. I am not sure if that is true, & honestly, I think the damage is already done my belly BUT that doesn't stop your belly from stretching and itchy & uncomfortable. I use this oil at least once a day if not more, & it soothes the itch & stretch & supposedly will help with stretch marks appearing & lessen the ones already there as a bonus. It has a slight smell that Brandon says smells like a grandma {LOL} but I don't think it's bad.

- This massager is gosh darn Godsend. Everything is achey. Especially my lower back & now my left side as I always sleep on that side for better blood flow to baby. This thing feels SO good. & I feel like it's so affordable for a massager of this kind. 

- Seamless underwear. They are just more comfortable. This pack from Amazon has been so comfy & I barely feel like I have anything on.

- PreNatals. I have a slew of prenatal I have tried & rotate. Gummies, some with Iron, some with DHA, & some with probiotics. This is really great overall one. But, whichever you end up with I recommend something with a probiotic on top of it or something to keep you regular because the constipation is VERY real come second trimester.

- Big Water Cup. I am always always thirsty. I can't get enough of ice water. & more so keeping hydrated is pretty vital during the entire duration of your pregnancy. This cup is HUGE & keeps everything cold. I also of course my YETI. But like the handle & color of this one.

- Lip Mask. Maybe it just that I am seriously always out of breathe, but my lips are SO dry during pregnancies. When I first got this mask I didn't understand the hype. & it turns out I wasn't putting enough on. Now, I can't live without it.

- Pregnancy Tracker App. I don't know if I am just the worst pregnancy person ever, but I can't remember how far along I am for the LIFE of them. There is alot of pregnancy apps, but I love the Ovia App. I think it's fun it does the traditonal "size of fruit" comparions but also other things like bakery treat & small toys! Makes it more fun & the girls love checking it more than I do! 

I plan to have a post up about all the baby products I am planning on using & have gotten as well, so stay tuned for that!.