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Virtual Learning Organization Ideas

We don't have a ton of storage for school supplies right now to be out at the ready for the girls. We have  a "craft closet" but I really don't want to mix the two. Especially because our craft closet is always a disaster area. The girl's desk set up is in our front living room/playroom so I wanted something that would be right there. 

These carts I love so much. We also have one for our lunch stuff! {Ill link that here if you want to check it out} So I thought it would be great to keep all of their school stuff on one, too. That way they can move it in between their desks & put it away when needed. 

I also did not want to mix school supplies with their normal crafting supplies. These children will use 50 glue sticks on one "project" and all the crayons somehow come up missing 😜 So our rule is, anything on the cart is used for school and school only. If you need glue sticks or pencils or crayons, it's gotta come from the craft closet. This way I can also visibly see the inventory of everything, as well.

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At the top of the cart, I used these to hold all of their notebooks, school curriculum books & clipboards. We use clipboards for so much. {I get them at the dollar tree}  Having everything on top and easy to grab has been so easy.

The second shelf, I used non-slip shelf liner so everything doesn't move when they move cart & keeps everything in place. I just used simple Ball glass jars to hold everything & small pails for scissors & crayons. The pail makes it super easy for them to grab & put on the table/desk & put back.

On the last shelf, I used these containers for extras. I bought this box full of like 250 pencils that were super cheap, to keep on hand to restock their pencils. I also keep this timer in there. A huge portion of their work is timed & timer is huge to see how much time is left. I originally got it as their clean up timer so they could see, but it works great for school too. It has magnets on the back.

Lastly, used this pencil sharper to mount right on the side. It works out so great & is sturdy on there. I used 3m hooks to hold this paper organizer to holder their folders as well as loose notebook paper, construction paper & copy paper for easy grabbing.

There you have it. This cart could be used for really anything. Just for crafting, a homework cart, the option are endless.

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