Amazon Sweater Try On

It's sweater weather *inserts SNL skit*

I am all about the sweaters.
& obvs love the over-sized sweater trend.
butttt being mid-sized it's hard to find one that is:
1. Flattering 2. Doesn't make me look homeless
& most importantly WHAT is with every sweater being cropped right now?!

After some trial & error & annoying returns I found some amazing, flattering & great quality sweaters at great prices on amazon!

I broke down all the sweaters to shop, but also added everything at the end including shoes, hat ect.

I am calling it & saying this is best fall sweater!
The knit is so luxurious! The color & fit is perfect!
For whatever reason this didn't have a tag & I saw that in the reviews too!
From what I could tell, the back & front are the same. IDK hopefully I am not wearing it backwards. However, it looks pretty cute backwards if so! ha!

 I am all about the wide sleeve trend right now!
Since it's still so cold in the Midwest for the Spring I feel like this one would transition well into the Spring! & I love a piece that can do that! I also really love the neck on this!

How annoying am I saying every one of these are my favorite! But I think this one really is!
This one is truly over sized. I would size down. I like wearing this one off the shoulder!

I hate, hate that I can't find my exact sweater. But, I found this one that is very very similar! Its a waffle knit & the reviews were glowing!

This one is obviously not a fall sweater, but is from Amazon & what i will be lounging in all day!
I love this off the shoulder. It is for sure see through. I wore a tank under, but I saw someone on the reviews wear a bandeau & some one with just a sports bra & all were so cute!

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