The best at home self tan products

I am self proclaimed tan-aholic. I have been since a teenager. Unfortunately then, that included tanning beds. I can NOT stress enough how much one should stay away from tanning beds. & this is coming from someone that went everyday, some times twice a day. The lights, & the warmth alone was exactly what I thought I needed in cold Midwest. But the risk is just silly. I know it is not nearly as popular as it once was, thank goodness. But so many people are still going in the chase for being tan.

I love the way I look tan. It makes me just feel better. I wish I was that girl that looks beautiful with their porcelain skin. But yall, I am just not cute not tan. & as a chunkier gal, tan fat just looks better!

Sunless tanning has become so easy that not going to the tanning bed shouldn’t be missed.

But finding the right formula is more tricky. So I am taking the ground work out for you.
I have tried ALL the spray tans. I've used drug store, specialty, online products. All of them & finding the right formula that isn't streaky, isn't orange, & have the right undertones to not scream fake tan is hard!

I am sharing with you my top 3 favorite, plus products to make sure you get the best tan.

First, you have to exfoliate. I use this glove, on the black side. For me this, has been the best product I have ever used to make my tan go on perfectly & smooth. However, a loofa or similar works too. This mitt is also amazing for taking off you old tan, to make sure you start with a clean slate for every application.
Image result for loving tan glove
Tanning Mitt & Application
Whether you are using a mousse or a spray you always want a tanning mitt to unsure you have a even tan & no steaks. I use this one, I absolutely love & won't ever use a self tanner without! It buffs the tanner into your skin flawlessly. I generally never put tanner on my neck or skin, however when I do & to also get my hair line to match I use a kabuki brush to apply for the best finish. For the hairline, it makes it get in there with out making your hair nasty with a bunch of product.

Now onto tanners I am listing these in order of price, but it also happens to be the order in which I love them. I love them all but going first to last, is from less favorite to most favorite.

The most affordable of the 3, this formula has a beautiful undertone. Getting a fresh tan look to your skin. This formula is a mousse. This one, from bottle to bottle I have found, can sometimes be slightly sticky.
Tan Wise Dark Bronzing Sunless Mousse

This is tanner that I use the most currently. I didn't expect to like it because it is a spray, but I really love it! It has a deep brown color formula. This is also, the best smelling formula out of all of them. It actually has a scent that smells pretty good! Like coconuts.
Fake Bake Flawless Darker

I LOVE the color of this tanner. It is so beautiful. It has a perfect red undertone that gives the "I just got back from the beach" color. As this is the most expensive formula of them all, it isn't the tanner I use weekly. However, I always have it on hand. 

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

& those are my favorite products! Is there any that you that you swear by that I should try?

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