Disney's Art of Animation Resort

If you are looking into a resort for your Walt Disney World Vacation & have little girls or boys, I am sure Art of Animation is on your list!

Of course with our girls, The Little Mermaid Room was at the top of their list.

Though, this is a value resort. It is usually, priced higher than some moderate resorts.

It does however, in the Little Mermaid rooms, have the room size & bed size of a value resort despite it's price. Meaning, the room is less than spacious & it has double beds instead of queens.
For us, we spend such little time in our room that staying in a value room isn't a big of a deal right now with the age of our kiddos.

The Little Mermaid rooms are the only rooms at Art of Animation.

The rest of the room options are suites. They are themed: Lion King, Finding Nemo, & Cars. You will need a suite is you have a family bigger than 4 people.

Note: If you choose a Little Mermaid room, know you are going to do some walking. It is the furtherist from the lobby & therefore furthest from the buses. We always rent a car, so it wasn't a issue for us. But something worth noting.
 The Nemo Suites are closest to everything.

What you are paying for here is plain to see. & that is the themeing. IT IS AMAZING. 
Everywhere you look, you can't help but smile!
It's Disney goodness at its absolute best!

There is 3 pools at AOA.
The Finding Nemo pool is the biggest & the most busy for a reason!
They always have something going on at this pool, it is the biggest & the most fun, in my opinion.
Close by there is a splash pad for the little ones as well!

Pro Tip:
Go underwater at this pool & you can hear music! They stream in music underwater!

The little mermaid pool is the less busy of the 3. 

& the cars pool themeing is the cutest, offering cones as a sort of cabana for those that want to have some shade at the pool & a little privacy!

Whatever room or suite you end up staying in, make sure you carve out at least a hour to walk around the grounds. Attention to detail in each section is amazing!

First starting in the back, you have the Little Mermaid section:

Second, Lion King section. There is a fun place for kids to play in the "elephant grave yard" my girls love it!

The Finding Nemo Section, is mostly the pool area.

When you get close to the seagulls listen. You can hear them doing the iconic "MINE"!

& finally the Cars section, which is out of this world! It is SO cool! The side walk is made to look like a road, & as you make your way to the "cozy cone" you get to pass all of your favorite characters! Also, as of March 2019, which I believe will be changing in May of 2019 is the only place to see McQueen & his friends!

As with all of the other Disney resorts, the activities put on at this resort is extensive. Always, always make sure you check out your resorts schedule! You could spend a whole day at the resort alone, without ever stepping foot in the parks! We love the outdoor movies nights they had!

We had such a blast at AOA. And if you have younger kiddos, you can not go wrong with this resort. There is something there for everyone in the family!

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