I couldn't wait to tell ya'll about this product! But I was also not so excitied to be able to use it because that means that someone has a fever in the M house.
& sure enough, little Kensley has one!
This is pretty typical of her, & since she started school last week; I know her immune system is taking a hit.
The good thing about when Kensley has a fever & no symptoms mean her kick-butt immune system is doing its job, so we have to ride it out & let her rest.
But, that isn't always the case. It is very hard some days to keep track of her high, high temps.
I try to write it down, but lets be honest we are busy moms. We forget.
I'm always going to go write it down, & something happens & I never get to it.
Cue, Kinsa.

Kinsa, is a smart thermometer!
& it's amazing.
It takes about 10 seconds for a reading.
You create a profile for everyone in the family. & add the read-out for that person.
You can add symptoms or notes, like when you last gave them meds. {I can't be the only one that is always trying to remember around what time the last dose was}
Papers get lost, or sometimes you just forget while taking care of a sick kiddo. But with Kinsa, it all right there on your phone.
Here are some screenshots of from the {outdated}  app. These were taken from my iPad because since I received my Kinsa, & updated my phone my thermometer there is a new version. When I plugged it in, it told me & guess what? they are automatically  send me a brand new thermometer!

Here is what the screen looks like as you are taking the temp. Bubble come up while waiting that your little one can pop!

After you get your reading, you save & can choose from a series of symptoms.

You can hook up the wire to take it, or keep it plugged into the phone and take it right there.
I know it seems like it so much easier to use a traditional thermometer, but the extra steps to keep track of your childs temp & symptoms as well as medicine does right where you can see them & access them is very handy!

Now if you chance to win one for you self! Head over my facebook page & comment under this post on why would love to win a Kinsa for your family, HERE! Share for other families that may use this, for a extra chance to win!