Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post though my sharing with you is simply unbiased & my love for the film & this trip is all my own.

I am a HUGE  The Christmas Story movie fan. I am unsure why as it isn't the classic christmas movie plot that I am normally into. But I have been drawn to it for years. It plays every christmas allll day long. It is the background music to all of our Christmas activities! The girls equally love it. They love the leg lamp & "you'll shoot your eye out" so much so that Kennedy is asking for a Red Ryder this year for Christmas, & Kensley think she will be big enough next year!

They were thrilled to wake up to the Sprinkles the elf leaving them their dresses & the movie to watch on the way there! Aren't they the cutest? As always by the amazing Very Chic Baby!

So one of my lifetime bucket list checks is to go! Its a little over 3 hours from us. But was sooo worth the drive!

We learned some really really cool fact about the movie, the house & why they choose the house & Cleveland for the movie! I won't give them away incase you want visit but they are really neat.

The whole house is interactive. Meaning you can touch, sit, get in, push ect everything in the house!

First we stopped in the store to get our tickets & shop a bit!

we loved finding ovaltine to buy!
can't forget the soap!

Now for the house!
Our tour was given to us by the owner so we felt pretty special! 

This played "little orphan annie"! so neat!

"daddys going to kill Ralphie"

when you pickup the phone upstair you can hear Schwartz mom yelling! What! What! Whhhhhat!

in the bathroom

Some pictures from the Museum!
I didn't snow that winter in Cleveland so they had to make it! It was made from firefighter foam!