Kennedy in recent months, has been utterly obsessed with all things baking and cooking. It first started when "Martha Bakes" came on PBS after one their shows. & she was obsessed with Martha Stewart. She would go in between an orca whale "person" & Martha Stewart as who she wanted to be when she grew up!

If she would have it  her way, she would watch the Food Network ALL day long. Which is when  she in love with Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman. She will sit with one of her cookbooks for hours. Its the sweetest thing!

I always let the girls help in way that they can when I am cooking. But she has been pushing & pushing to do more. To be like Ree.

I let her cut up the summer sausage the other day...with a knife. I was pretty nervous, &
she, of course, was over the moon. Its so funny to watch her because she will drag what she cut to the other side of the board like she has seen on shows.

Next, is she really wanted to do something with the stove. Let not forget she is only 4 years old. I really was dragging my feet. But she kept pressing the issue, & really seems to have intrested cooking. So after sitting her down & showing her the stove is NOT to play with & can really hurt her & how to be safe. I had her stand right next to me, & helped a few times and then finally I let her try herself!

Her dish of choice was biscuits & gravy! She brown the sausage & made the gravy 100% by herself, adding in the flour & milk! Sissy did the biscuits!

Kennedy Buscuits & Gravy

1 lb sausage
tube of refrigerated biscuits

brown sausage til done, we leave the grease in the pan but that is optional.
Add equal parts, flour & milk, stir constantly til a good thick {but not too thick}. Add pepper to taste.
Make biscuits as directed on package. Serve gravy on top of biscuits & enjoy!!

It was so yummy! She did such a great job!