Kings Island provided my family of 4, tickets to King Island & Soak City in exchange for telling you all about the amazing time we had there! 

Sometimes the midwest gets some flack for not having much fun things to do!
But little do they know of all the fun to be had, right in Ohio!
When we were in town for a family reunion we thought we make one last fun outing before summer was over, & King Island was the place!

The day started out pretty wonderful. But on our short drive from Brandons hometown to Kings Island a storm hit! LOTS of lightening & buckets & buckets of rain! I called & the park said while they were open most rides ect was not running for safety reasons.

We went out to lunch near by & when the power went out; we thought all hope was lost on our fun day. But, when the lights came back on everything dried up & it was the sunny & perfect! So we finished up & headed straight for the park!
Kennedy took this family selfie while waiting for lunch :)

Since half the day over at the point. We wanted to do what we were most looking forward to on hot hot summer day, & that was hit up Soak City!

& it did not disappoint!
We only got a few hours of fun in before another storm started to roll in but we had a blast!

We got to stay cool & hydrated by purchasing a souvenir cup with FREE refills all-day long!

There was so much for the girls to do that was age appropriate but also has so much to do for the older kids, & uh mom & dad of course!

The girls loved the smaller slides they could walk up to & go down by themselves. The lifeguards were so nice. One, would ask the girls something fun every time before they went down! They loved her!

Brandon & I loved the family slides with us in the tubes together & the lazy river!

Even though we couldn't take full advantage of the whole park, they have so much more to offer than Soak City! The whole amusement park is full of rides for anyone in the family, shows & meet & greets with snoopy & the gang! They also have a attraction for the dinosaur lover in your family; this one we were most sad about missing! Dinosaurs Alive, which is a exhibit with more than 65 life like dinosaurs spread across 12 acres!!

& if you can believe it, Kings Island announced today the big news of MORE fun at Soak City!
The 2016 season with the addition of Tropical Plunge, a complex of six different water slide experiences towering nearly seven stories. Three of the slides on the 65-foot tall complex will start with guests climbing inside an Aqua-Launch chamber where they will wait anxiously for the floor to drop out from underneath their feet, sending them into a high-speed, almost vertical free fall through a series of flat loops and S-curves in a translucent flume.

We can not wait to go back for #KI2016! I mean if we had THAT much fun this year, imagine next year with these new additions!