If you are anything like me the first of September just means one thing.
Gimme all the pumpkin spice.
The candles, the warm drinks, the cider, apple pies, pumpkins, decor OH MY!
& one of my favorite ways to get in the "spirit" is watching movies, for any holiday/season
These are some of my favorite movies to curl up with a nice big quilt, & a warm cup of cider.
Of course with this weather tomorrow it could be 80 degrees outside, so I probably wont be drinking cider. But since the AC is on, the quilt will be enough!

From Left to Right
1.October Sky//2.Fly Away Home//3.Rudy//4.Good Will Hunting//5.When  Harry Met Sally//6.Autumn in New York//7.Practical Magic//8. StepMom//9.You've Got Mail//10.Sweet November//11.Serendipity//12.Hocus Pocus