Trying to play catch up & update everything we have checked off our list! Up until I got sick, I would probably bet we went to the zoo once a week! Its a full day for us, & the girls never get sick of it! With our membership it really was the best money we ever spent!

 I have alot of pictures, obviously since we go so often. So im just adding my favorites!

 One of our fave things to do is take the rides our zoo has to offer! They call this log ride "the boat"!

Kensley is a HUGE dog lover. But any other animal not so much. Here she is in the goat enclosure where you can feed & brush them. She went over by herself & sat down, & just observed. I love how different the girls' personalities are from each other!

Another Favorite? getting popcorn!

We love when daddy is able to make a trip with us! Although, I think he has only made a couple trips this year :(

Fun Fact: Kennedy lives for rides like this. Kensley? screams blood curdling screams.

its always a treat to get dip n dots at the zoo!

Watching sister on the horse!

Playing in the tree house in the Indonesia exhibit!

Kensley first time feeding the ducks! This she will do, & Kennedy wont! Again, hilarious their differences!

So we may go to zoo more than the average! But after paying for our membership its a way to get out of the house, for a "free" activity! They always have fun things going, so everytime we go they experience something different! We are so lucky to have such a amazing zoo so close to home! Do ya'll go to the zoo often?