Well as to my last post, ITS A GIRL!! Her name is Kennedy Leigh! :) I'll will try to catch you guys up as much as I can! Our internet has not been working so that's why I haven't been updating. Today, we had quite a scare. This has been the third day I have not felt any movement (this is alarming being this lil girl kicks and punches the crap out of me constantly) and a preeclampsia  scare. I have cramps and contractions type things in my cervix with alot of back pain m and she had a low heart rate.Everything ended up being ok,  I need to de-stress and I have infection fighting cells on my cervix? I was pretty out of it and do not remember the logistics of medical terms, I just know everything is OK!

Next line of buisness; i will put up two bump pictures that I haven't uploaded yet so here we go :

17 weeks:

21 weeks, down in key west, fl :)

& 23 weekish. they are still bumping around on my due date! UGH!

and a survey:
How Far Along: 22-24 weeks
How Big is The Baby: 11 inchs long!! and just over a pound!

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs. my dr is furious. but im eating us out of house and home, so I dont understand, and dont know what to do about it. 

Maternity Clothes: Just a pair of shorts. I fit into my pant with the hairband trick & maybe a be-band. and all my shirts still fit, just real snug in the boob area haha

Sleep: She wakes me up 543 on the dot every morning, but I generally sleep thru the night. I do have to have a pillow between my legs tho.

Gender: BABY GIRL! :)))

Movement:  Well not the last few days. but other than that allll the time! i love when she moves her hand & you can see her do it on the outside. Brandon face makes it so much better, he lights up with so much love.

Food Cravings: none except for, last week i made brandon go get me deans chip dip and ruffles at 2 in the morning..whoops :)

What I Miss: her kicking at the moment :(

What I'm looking forward to: watching her grow, and my belly :)

Milestones: that we found out the gender :)

I will try to update as much as I can I promise! 

xoxo, Tara