Well! its been a few weeks since I posted. Let me explain. The last few weeks I have been in the hospital. Why you ask? Well, at first when the morning sickness started I was thrilled. But, then I didn't stop. & for those of whom are shaking there head, no I am not complaining. I tried everything, change of diet,ginger,mommy pops. I mean I couldnt even swallow my own spit with out throwing it up! Hyperemesis. Is what they call it. In an hour, I was puking 20+ times. I had no skin on my lips, due to puking up so much acid. I was losing so much weight & getting cramps from being extremely dehydrated. So the Dr, admitted me. After going back and fourth from home to the hospital. he decided that home care would be better for me. So, I had a pump just like a diabetic pump, full of zolphran ( im alergic to fenergan, & had to much reglan in the hospital) and a IV. Which by the way is awful to try to get when you veins are not full of like anything. So, since i was so dry the could rarely get a IV in, so my arms & hands are FULL of bruises. UGH.

So, yesterday I took out my pump. My sites were getting infected and hurt so bad I couldn't walk. Which by the way I rarely do, I went several days without going to the bathroom. Today, is my second day without it. I feel great today, of course I go sick once, but that is a improvement. The meds just keep me down & would drain me of energy not that I had any from getting sick, but i think it effected me the wrong way.

ANYWAY, today I am 10 weeks, i need to change my ticker up there. & the baby is growing so fast! You can see babies head and little nose. It takes my breath away every time. I will have new U/S pics up soon. I have another appt this week. I am back to every week visits, which is nerve racking.

So the verdict: momma=sick,bruised, crazy skinny, hungry, hormonal but feeling lots better today baby=GREat, & growing rapidly :)