Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer Scienece Expierment! Its Magic!

A fun end of summer activity to do!
This is a total favorite at our house! & a good rainy day project too!
The girls always say how it magic, & the q-tip are their magic wands!

What you need:
-Food coloring
-Dawn dish soap
-Something to hold the milk in! I used pie pans!

What to do:
-Pour milk in the pan, not too much but enough to fill it all the way around.
-Drop some food coloring into the milk, I did 3-4 of each color {only used 3 colors}
-Dip Q-Tip in soap
-Then touch the color with the Q-Tip 
-Watch for the magic! The food coloring grips onto the fat in the milk then the dawn breaks it up!

Watch the "magic"

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