Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day ya'll!

Ah I live for holidays, big or small!
Anything to wear anything themed, any themed food, themed crafts, any theme for my mantle with appropriate garland & door decor; SIGN ME UP.
I know its not everyone cup of tea, but me? 
Oh it gives a little bit of fun from our day in & out, same ol' same ol'!

First on our to do list?
We gotta gear up for the holiday of course! We read these books! & watched a few movies/episodes, some that I suggest: Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers: Last Leprechaun , Christmas Gold {technically Christmas but appropriate!, Luck of the Irish, & Darby O'gill and the Little People {parts of this really scared Kennedy, we turned it off. She IS really sensitive so watch with caution!}

Next? Catch a leprechaun of course!!
Kennedy was VERY excited!
Translation Key:
"Kennedy what are we going to catch"
"we are going to take his gold"
"where are leprechauns from"

We didn't catch him. He was just too fast! But he left note saying we almost did! 
We will try again next year!
He left necklaces, hats & treats for the girls! 

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty day!
How did you celebrate?


  1. Ah! Sorry my movie recommendation scared her so much! Sounds like there was lots of fun to be had for your girls yesterday anyway though. Happy St Patrick's day!

    1. no no!! I remembered that movie from when I was little, but had forgotten! I never would have thought she we would get scared. But then again, she terrified of scobby doo, snow white ect! Please dont apologize! I so appreciated the recommendation!!


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