Sunday, November 6, 2011


How did you do it?
those days approaching the "big day"
ya know...1st birthday
I know some of this is just pregnancy hormones..
but i am wreck yall..
they say "it goes by so fast"
but that doesnt even begin to prepare you...
i just want to go this very moment...


  1. It was like mourning the "loss" of babyhood but celebrating so much that is toddlerhood! It is a wonderful, wonderful age - they learn so much so fast. But I certainly miss my baby!

  2. So many books and articles on what to expect when expecting and what to expect the first months and what to expect as a toddler buuuut no what to expect when your baby turns one! I was NOT prepared for the overwhelmingly emotional day when Malina turned 1. I would randomly look at her and start crying throughout the day, pretty sure Jeremy considered dropping me off at a psych clinic that day, haha! My best advice...enjoy every minute of the day! even the tears : ) Start a mommy/daughter birthday tradition. Write your baby a letter. Take many many pictures (as if I have to tell you that). and again just remember to breath and enjoy every minute : ) before you know it she will be 5 and talking back and telling you about the cute boys in her class. you will cry then too ; ) love you lady

  3. It's scary how fast it flies by... I had a tough time with it. But, each day is more fun, so it helps! :)


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