Monday, August 29, 2011

a REAL pantry

so I too am an pintrest addict
like its sad how addicted i am
& i have been so inspired to organize my pantry
due to all the pictures on there
I am mean this pantries are the shizille
but then i got to looking at them
I am like um yo wheres your mac & cheese?
all that "great value" brand stuff ?
hamburger helper?
lucky charms?
i keep all my food in my pantry
all my cabniets have my dishes in them
so i don't know where yalls are keeping your food
unless you make all your food from scratch
& if so seriously good for you
but here is my not so pretty, but prettier improvement after my REAL pantry makeover
i would show the before but honestly it was scary & embarrassing!

also; after going to target & walmart to buy organizing stuff i about crapped my pants!
that stuff is expensive so i def high tailed it to dollar tree
& got these for 25 CENTS

i had my prime lens on so i could get the fullll pantry; but you get the picture ;)
I need to go grocery shopping :)
 I am FAR from a crazy coupon lady; partially because i dont understand how do half of it! but i did figure it out once, & got a BOAT load of free cereal & oatmeal! :)


  1. Lol I love this. I'm ocd when it comes to pantry and cabinets. Jake was making fun of me for organizing the cups according to material I.e. plastic and glass! Lol and I am all sorts of coupon crazy we have 16 things of puffs got em all for .50 each! Lol

  2. I seriously need to do this. My pantry is organized and grouped, but not in bins or anything.
    PS: don't worry, our pantry is FULL of "great value" brand and there are probably at least 4 boxes of macaroni and cheese, lol!


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